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Marketing Packages

Email Marketing is still the most successful form of communication if you are wanting to contact existing clients or reach out to new ones.


Because every company is unique and has a different set of requirements we offer 4 different email marketing packages.  If you are new to email and want to start consistent communication with your existing database, then why not try a newsletter? 

Newsletters efficiently drive traffic to your website and boost customer engagement. With our monthly send option priced at only £250 per month it is a great way to start email marketing.

Are you looking for new business? Have you considered using email for cold outreach? Sending out cold emails is the first step businesses should take to reach out to potential customers who are not aware of your business, or haven’t engaged with you yet. 


These emails target people who will potentially benefit from the solution your business provides and help the business turn them into their customers. Cold emails, when done right are a non-intrusive way of introducing your business and breaking the ice with potential customers.

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    Please note these prices do not include data or email platform fees.