switch on...

Switch on… switch off!

We know that business has it’s fair share of ups and downs. Some months you are winning, some months, well lets just say it’s a struggle! 


We offer the option to switch your email sends on and off when you like. So if you are gearing up to launch a new product or service, looking to generate leads or you have a new promotion, then switch your emails on! If you are very busy, or struggling financially then switch the emails off! It is completely up to you!

How does it work?

Initial set up

There is an initial set up cost of £600 this includes the following:


Set up on our email platform

Email send credits*

Design and creation of email templates

4 email sends (sent over a 4 week period)

Email send reporting


*5k email credits included in set up cost.

additional sends

Additional email sends are then charged at £200 per send, you can decide when you want to send an email. We just need a few days notice to create the email and then get it ready for your send.

The switch service works well for companies that do not want to consistently spend on marketing on a weekly / monthly basis. You are in complete control of your email marketing and your budget. 

B2B data

If you market to other businesses we can help you grow you existing database. We have a team of data collection experts, we do not use bots who simply scrape websites for contact details. We give our team (of people) a brief, this could include company types, size, no.of staff, location etc and they collect data for us.


Our data costs are £250 per 1k. This is an additional cost after the initial set up cost and in addition to the switch on cost, however you would only need to buy data / 3 to 4 times per year. 

Email credit sends

Like with all email platforms, you have to pay to send the emails. Some of the platforms charge you after each send (they just deduct it from your card) some you can buy credits in advance. We use the credit system as it is more cost effective for you and allows the email send process to flow. 


25k email sends @ £5.00/k = £125

100k email sends @ £4.00/k = £400

500k email sends @ £3.00/k = £1,500

1m email sends @£2.40/k = £2,400

Interested in giving this email thing ago?