data collection


want good quality data... look no further...

We have a fantastic team of data collection experts, that build B2B databases specifically for your target audience. Because we manually harvest the data, we can guarantee good quality and current records.


We also run all data through a verification process before use, to significantly minimize bounce rates. We design and set up specific automated email campaigns that are sent automatically, triggered by the actions of your subscribers.

Our data starts from £250 per 1k records.

B2B DaTa

We supply business data of the highest standard, which is perfect for email marketing, direct mail,
telemarketing and online campaigns.

All of our data is collected manually by a team of people (not bots!) using the latest industry filters and intelligent profiling, we’ll build a marketing list consisting of your perfect audience.


We also run all data through a verification process before use, to significantly minimize bounce rates.

GDPR ready

All of the data is GDPR compliant. We identify ‘Legitimate Interest’ as the most appropriate lawful basis for processing our third party B2B marketing data. Direct marketing is recognised as a legitimate interest in GDPR recital 47.


Because our databases are designed specifically for your target audience, we have a relevant and justified interest in ‘cold’ calling through e-mail marketing, therefore the marketing e-mails may be sent to potential customers without consent. 


Typical business demographics include targeting by industry sector, company size, turnover, incorporation date, employee numbers, job titles, job roles and responsibilities, and geographic selection by postal address, region and drive times.


However we can set our team looking for contact data on whatever your set of criteria involves.


Email marketing will help you generate leads, increase sales and grow your business. However old data, and out of date contacts are more likely to waste time and money with very little reward to show for it.


If you are serious about your business email marketing efforts and want to see real returns, you need to invest in high quality, targeted email addresses.

qualified leads

Once the campaigns are live and the data is being slowly drip fed into the workflows then all their is to do it sit back and wait for the leads to come in.


We will set up a separate inbox using your email domain. Unsubscribing any contacts that do not wish to be contacted and sending you qualified leads through for your team to follow up!

a constant supply

Old and outdated data means you could be reaching inactive email addresses, this will seriously affect open rates on email campaigns. We drip feed these automations with data to take contacts on a brand journey explaining your business and its services.


Better email lists result in better data and better data means you can make more informed decisions when optimising your campaigns.