Personalised emails have been shown to have a higher open and click-through rate than generic ones. Email recipients respond better when content is relevant to them. Access to metrics like open rates, click-through rates and bounce rates allow you to segment your lists for better conversions.

…but you knew all of that.

So, what do these key facts have in common? They all rely on data. In fact, when it comes to email, data is king.

Data is king, long live the king...

Data is critical for testing and optimisation – it’s impossible to identify what’s working and what isn’t without it. Making informed decisions about how to improve your campaigns and get better results should be a key part of any email strategy – but it is often something that businesses overlook. 

"Wondering why you are not getting the

results you want? It is probably the data."

Now comes the really important part: When using email to engage with B2B audiences – especially when your aim is to convert leads – sending out blanket emails to a list you are not sure about is like throwing your money and your time down the drain…it’s just a waste. 


Investing in new data for your campaigns is key. If you are reaching out to a list you have no prior relationship with for the purpose of pitching your product or service – well, you need to get it right. Creating a killer campaign that is sent out to the wrong recipient or simply doesn’t engage? Again, that’s your time and money doing something that will not give you the returns your business needs. 


People change, so should your email data...

Having fresh data will ensure that when people move around you know who to contact. Buying B2B data may be something you have never tried, but for cold outreach it’s a game changer and is exactly how businesses get ahead with email. It’s true, not all B2B lists are created equal – there are a lot of 3rd party vendors who use bots to collect data and charge a huge amount of money for lists that have not been filtered or verified. These are NOT the lists we mean. 


Ready to level up on your email data? Let's do it...

Firstly, at IOL we are completely transparent about our costings, our lists cost £250+VAT. 


Secondly, we supply business data of the highest standard, which is perfect for email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing and online campaigns. 


We target

Typical business demographics include targeting by industry sector, company size, turnover, incorporation date, employee numbers, job titles, job roles and responsibilities, and geographic selection by postal address, region and drive times.


We have a more holistic approach – we can set our team looking for contact data on whatever your set of criteria involves.


We keep it clean

We’ll build a marketing list consisting of your perfect audience. How?


We manually harvest the data, which means we can guarantee good quality and current records. We also run all data through a verification process before use, to significantly minimize bounce rates.


We ensure there is a constant supply

We take contacts on a brand journey explaining your business and its services. We add data to the campaigns on a daily basis at send 1. The data then moves around the campaigns, so a constant supply of data means the emails will constantly be sent out – meaning a steady stream of leads for you


We work with qualified leads

Once your campaigns are live and the data is being slowly drip fed into our workflows, you simply sit back and wait for the leads to come in. We will set up a separate inbox using your email domain. Unsubscribing any contacts that do not wish to be contacted and sending you qualified leads through for your team to follow up!


What about gdpr?

GDPR is a regulation of the European Union (EU), but it has been incorporated into UK law through the Data Protection Act 2018. Even though the UK has left the EU, the GDPR continues to apply in the UK as it has been incorporated into UK law.


That’s the official line and there a few things you need to consider when it comes to B2B email and GDPR. In short:


-You need to be able to show how you got your recipient’s information


-You need to offer an easy opt-out from future communication

-You need to be clear about why you are reaching out.

At IOL, we identify ‘Legitimate Interest’ as the most appropriate lawful basis for processing our third party B2B marketing data. Direct marketing is recognised as a legitimate interest in GDPR recital 47. 


Because our databases are designed specifically for your target audience, we have a relevant and justified interest in ‘cold’ calling through e-mail marketing, therefore the marketing e-mails may be sent to your potential customers without consent. 

Can we help you with your database?

Our databases start from £250+VAT PER 1K RECORDS.

all of our lists are checked and verified