marketing tactics in a digital strategy

be compelling, relevant, and useful

The goal of any digital marketing strategy is to build brand awareness, find new customers, retain existing customers, and increase revenue. Digital strategies vary, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but, when people discuss digital marketing, they’re usually referring to strategies that fall into the following categories:

content marketing

To succeed online, you’ll need interesting content that connects with customers and would be customers. From blog articles and downloadable guides to videos and up to date statistics, you’ll need content that’s compelling, relevant, and useful.

email marketing

Using email, you can attract and retain customers with personalised messages that promote your product, service, and brand. You can segment contacts and use personalised content to deliver messages that customers can’t ignore.

social media marketing

Most businesses and consumers use social media, so it’s important to maintain a consistent presence that is engaging. Announce new products, ask questions, make sure you keep your followers active and encourage a steady stream of new ones.


"Wondering why you are not getting the

results you want? add email to your omni-channel picture."

organic and paid search

Help customers find your website and product through organic SEO and paid search. Organically, you can create content for your website and blog that customers might search for and combine those efforts with paid search to bring customers back to your site.


digital advertising

To attract customers, you could use digital advertising. Investing in Google, Facebook ads or sponsored posts on LinkedIn is a great way to fill your sales pipeline with warm leads.

online events

Hosting online events like webinars not only helps you establish credibility, but it also provides a great means of data collection.

All these digital tactics can be used to increase brand awareness, target new customers, find new leads, and ultimately increase revenue for your business.

what is the advantage of email?

While each of these marketing tactics has their advantages and should be part of a well-rounded digital campaign if budget allows…. If we had to pick one tactic to focus on or start with, then it should be email.  It delivers an unbeatable ROI compared to other digital marketing channels.


  • Email is shown to be 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than either Facebook or Twitter – McKinsey
  • Email marketing has the highest conversion rate at 66%, when compared to social media marketing, direct mail, and others. – DMA
  • An email message is 5x more likely to be seen than via Facebook message or post. – Radicati
  • 72% of people prefer promotional content by email, compared to 17% who favour social media channels. – MarketingSherpa


why email marketing should be a crucial part of your digital strategy

Stay in contact with your clients:


Email marketing is still the most successful form of communication to engage with existing clients. Contact them easily and efficiently to showcase new products and services, or to remind them about all the other services you offer. Newsletters efficiently drive traffic to your website and boost customer engagement. With our monthly send option priced at only £250 per month, it is a great way to start email marketing.


We all use email… Don’t we?


Email remains one of the most effective forms of communication across the globe. In fact, email usage is expected to grow at an average growth rate of 2% to 3% annually until 2023. The United Kingdom has one of the highest internet penetration rates globally and is one of the biggest collection of email message users in the world.


It’s personal and highly targeted:


Email presents an ideal platform to get personal with your customers and make them feel appreciated.  You can easily target messages to different subscribers. Email automation has significantly improved the click rates thanks to the segmentation of audience, timing of deliveries, and relevancy of content. Automation is an essential part of today’s email marketing campaigns.


Reach potential new customers quickly:


Are you looking for new business? Have you considered using email for cold outreach? Sending out cold emails is the first step businesses should take to reach out to potential clients, who are not aware of your business, or haven’t engaged with you yet. These emails target people who will potentially benefit from the solution your business provides and help convert them into new clients.


It’s an effective way of reaching people on the go:


Email access can be done anywhere and at any time. The number of smartphone users has soared during the past few years and transformed the way people communicate. Research shows that over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. We are experts at optimising landing pages for mobile platform and ensuring easy access to websites.


It’s affordable:


As opposed to traditional marketing tactics such as print or direct mail, email marketing is inexpensive and has impressive and measurable return on investment. Businesses of any size can benefit from email as it provides an affordable approach for enhancing brand awareness while boosting sales.

At IOL Marketing we specialise in volume email marketing campaigns. Email Marketing is still the most successful form of communication. Because every company is unique and has a different set of requirements, we offer 4 different email marketing packages.


If you are new to email and want to start consistent communication with your existing database, then why not try monthly newsletters? Newsletters efficiently drive traffic to your website and boost customer engagement. With our monthly send options priced at only £250 per month, it is a great way to start email marketing.

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