let's talk about email

generate a steady flow of leads with email

we've done this for a long time

…Over 10 years, actually! There was a time when we provided the full package of digital marketing services – websites, SEO, social etc.

This means email marketing is still the most successful form of communication to engage with your existing clients and is the first step businesses should take to reach out to potential clients too.

email began to dominate the work we do

It made sense, considering email is one of the most effective communications across the globe. Email usage is expected to grow at an average rate of 2%-3% annually until 2023.

let's talk email

To say that we talk ‘email’ a lot is an understatement! On any given day, you’ll hear the words segmentation, email templates, automated email and response handling said hundreds of times by our small but dedicated team.

Why wouldn’t we? We love what we do – helping companies to generate warm leads, so they can get on with the day-to-day running of their businesses.

“How do we avoid spam filters?”


“How do we improve open and click-through rates?”


“What do you mean by automation – how does it actually work?”


“Is it too early to segment?”


“How do I re-engage with my lists?”

"a big part of our job is answering questions

"...mostly the same ones"

do i even need email marketing?

Yep, we get asked this question too – mostly by business owners and we understand why.You may have tried email marketing and found that it hasn’t worked out for you, or maybe you are new to it and feel that it is an unnecessary ‘add-on’ to your communications strategy.The truth is, if you want better engagement – both with your current customers and with potential clients – and you are not using email marketing, you are missing a trick. Whether you are new to email marketing or understand the benefits of it – simply going through the motions of emailing content to your list won’t give you the results you want…it just won’t.

Optimising your email marketing will give you the keys to drive forward engagement across the board – you just need to do it right. That’s where we come in.

do i need to segment my lists?

When it comes to email marketing – segmentation is a superpower!

Of course, you’ll need to ask yourself why you want to segment your list – there can be many reasons for this. The most obvious is that you don’t want to send your content to generic audiences – content they just won’t engage with.

Sending highly relevant content to prospects based on their preferences and behaviour, can completely change the success of your campaigns and be the difference between content that falls flat and that generates those all-important leads.

We segment based on many things – demographics, purchase history, behaviour, engagement activity and more – what’s important is that we target messages to your different subscribers, making our emails the ideal platform to get personal with your customers.

how important is my list data?

The truth is the majority of companies that do email marketing do it wrong – don’t shoot the messenger!

Too many companies are using old databases which means the contact data is…out of date.

Either the contacts have moved jobs or businesses have closed, so the email does not deliver.

Alternatively, the target audience is not represented in the database. A company wants to target business OWNERS, but they are using data taken from the accounts team – the emails end up going to completely the wrong audience.

There’s no doubt about it, data is the most important part of any email marketing campaign. If the data is good, then your emails will deliver.

We can build databases and clean your data – it’s shiny clean by the time we have finished with it!

do i need to automate my emails?

Automation in email marketing is a no brainer – it went from being a good idea to an essential move very quickly, especially for those who truly want to level up on their email marketing.

We saw that automation could not only improve what we did – keeping us consistent and allowing us to design and set up specific automated email campaigns that are triggered by the actions of subscribers – we could also use powerful AI tools and a wealth of marketing experience to help businesses of all sizes build, improve, automate and manage their email marketing and communication strategies.

After 10 years, we have become very good at it.

We use our own email platform. We drip feed these automations with data to take contacts on a brand journey explaining your business and its services. For us automation has become an essential part of all email marketing campaigns.


should i do email or social?

Look, we would never tell you to ditch your social media strategy. It can be a great channel for your brand messaging, awareness, and reach.

The thing is, when it comes to lead generation, revenue generation, and customer profiling – email marketing just can’t be beaten!

When we say there is no competition, what we mean is there is room for all of these tools in your digital marketing kit, they can work great together – but they all have their uses.

For us, email marketing is the number one tool for B2B client engagement and lead generation.

Optimising your email marketing will give you the keys to drive forward engagement across the board – that’s where we come in.

what makes a good email?

Short, snappy content.

Text-only email for B2B lists – A LOT of companies have their spam filter set so high that even if the email address is good and the content is relevant, the email does not get through because of the links and the images.

Email providers that have a healthy relationship with spam filters (they pass through them!).

Sending multiple emails to segments of your database. Sending one email a week or month to your entire database can seriously affect your domain reputation. It will also cause emails to bounce and deliverability to decrease.

Follow-up emails – if an email has been delivered but not opened, you need to send a follow-up email. Simple, but so many don’t!


"successful email campaigns depend on so many variants.

"...from the copy and call-to-actions to the format and time of day you svhedule them for"

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