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Reengaging a database is always MUCH harder than engaging new data… we know, we know! But don’t give up hope. In this blog, we run through our favourite ways to reengage with newsletter non-openers. 

test new subject lines

Although we email marketers consider clicks, form-fills, and other types of engagement more valuable – at the end of the day, if your emails are not getting opened, none of this other activity will happen either. This is why subject lines are SO important – you need to stand out (but not too much), spark curiosity (not fear), ride on a good offer (but not too good to be true), be personal (don’t be creepy)… you get the point. Writing subject lines is hard, but they are pivotal to successful email marketing and they deserve your energy. 

Here are a few things you can try right now:

1. Pop a few emojis in at the beginning, middle, and end of your subject lines – 💥🥇 test every position you can think of. Some people love emojis, some people despise them, but it’s a risk we highly recommend you take. 🙌😂
2. Play with personalisation
Use first name, company name, industry type – whatever your data will accommodate, give it a shot. If you want to make your contacts feel special, remembering their names is a strong place to start!
3. Use an attractive offer 
Can you afford a 25% discount – or to offer free services to your customers spending the most money? Everybody loves a discount, especially if it’s `just for you`, `exclusive`, or `for this week only`.
4. Skip the spam words
If you want your emails to avoid the spam box, then it’s best to avoid `spammy` words like `free`, `personal`, `financial` – just think of the typical language you get in dodgy scam sends. These words differ from industry to industry, but you can skim your copy for obvious ones. 
5. Add some human emotion
And by that, we mean don’t be afraid to be cheeky, honest, funny – if this fits in with your brand. 
6. Don’t forget your preview text
Read, check and double check, then send it to someone else to do it too! Nothing more embarrassing than getting a reply from a contact saying… you need to buy a dictionary!! 

"customers expect personalisation nowadays

at the very least."

send your newsletter at an optimal time

Easier said than done… you have to find out what your optimal time is, of course! But with any new email marketing settings, you need to test, test, and test some more. The optimal time will depend heavily on your business type and what your customers spend their time doing; but if you’re B2B, for example, you can try:
• 6am wake up – or whenever you think your customers will be rolling out of bed; 
• 8am commute;
• Midday coffee shop queuing; 
• 3pm slump;
• 3am `I got up for a wee and now I’m going to scroll my emails`. 
Think outside the box with your send times – you never know what kind of results you’re going to get until you test and gather your insights. 

Don’t exhaust your resend to non-opens option

This is an important one – turns out, you can have too much of a good thing. Consider resending to non-openers only when you truly want/need to, for example, when you’ve got a brilliant offer on. Otherwise, your contacts will get bored and your future resend efforts will have zero effect. 

Re-engage your data today, see results tomorrow!

Hungry for those leads? Need to rethink a stale strategy and reengage that data? Get in touch with our email marketing experts today. 

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