How to Grow Your Instagram Threads app via Email

find new customers with threads x email

The Instagram Threads app is still as new as a dachshund puppy (or, perhaps, a more relevant newbie – Twitter’s rebranding to X). Upon having a quick Google, you can find out what Instagram Threads is, how to start using Instagram Threads, and other basic topics. There’s little content beyond that. This excites us – a brand-spanking new social media channel. How about it? In this quick guide, we are going to reveal ideas on how to build your profile on the Instagram Threads app by using our preferred platform. Yep… email!

What can email do for Instagram Threads?

Email is an old tool, but it’s incredibly effective at driving traffic from one platform to another. My social media peeps – you’ll be painfully aware that posts are only seen by select chunks of your audience – depending on the algorithm at the time. Email can act as a supporting platform during algorithm changes or when the algorithm is not serving your page exposure well. Plus, it’s fun to introduce a tool in tandem. We don’t want to miss the chance to bring additional demographics across.

"email can act as a supporting platform

during tough algorithm changes."

email is more reliable. But why?

Well, providing sends are optimised to pass through spam and dodge the junk folder, they have a good chance of landing straight in the inbox. When working in a combined strategy with Instagram and Threads, email can help to:

1.Raise brand awareness

2.Reach new audiences

3.Grow the follower base

4.Notify followers about activity they’ve missed

5.Increase social engagement

7 ways to build your profile on the Instagram Threads app

Now then, I won’t bog you down. I’ll leave these ideas here and if you want any further guidance (for free), you can drop me a DM or email kim@iolmarketing.

  1. Run a giveaway campaign solely on Threads and invite your email contacts to enter
  2. Add Threads to your email footer as a social button
  3. Change one of your HTML banners to promote your Instagram Threads page
  4. Run an Instagram Live and plug it into a one-off email blast
  5. Set up a special UTM from your emails to Threads containing a product discount
  6. Create a highlights email featuring teasers about your latest Threads
  7. Alert your email contacts each time you post a new Thread

set up a social lead magnet

Instagram can lend a hand to email, too! Create a lead magnet by adding a download in your Insta or Instagram Threads bio. If you’re a cream cheese brand, this might be a mini recipe book, or if you sell collapsible BPA-free water bottles, it could be a money-off voucher. This is a great way of building your marketable database while providing real value to both your prospects and existing customers.

Make it easy for yourself – automate your emails

We love email marketing, but we also love drinking colourful cocktails in the sunshine. By automating your emails, you can attract new customers and grow your brand online while doing nothing at all.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Threads app via Email